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Computing Update

Students have been very busy in Computing during the last couple of weeks. We’ve been working more recently on Python Programming and Binary Conversions, and the Junior Digital Club have been putting together Lego Mindstorms robots and adding blocks of code to make them spring into action. We’ve recently also acquired a Sphero 2 and a Parrot […]

Junior Digital Club Launch

Calling all IT enthusiasts! On Wednesday the 3rd February, pupils from Year 7 to Year 9 are invited to come along to ICT1 at 1pm and share their IT skills. The plan is, that if you have a particular interest in an aspect of IT or technology and are happy to give a brief two […]

Appshed Mobile App Project

Year 8 have been working on creating a mobile app in the last couple of weeks. They worked in Google Appshed and created the app on a specific topic of interest. The app had to show, a landing page, hyperlinks, document links, a gallery and a map page. Students can download their app to their […]

Computing: New Term – New Topics

The new term has started well in the Computing classroom. Year 7 are studying the concepts of programming and will be exploring Scratch, KODU and Python in the next few weeks. Year 8 have begun work on HTML and CSS and all seem to be enjoying the work as they are working well and with […]

Jubilee Photoshop collage

Each student in Year 7 has been working hard at creating a diamond Jubilee collage in their ICT lessons. Take a look at some of their work.

Year 8 – Revolutionary France

Before our half term holiday, Year 8 History students have been working on 18th Century changes in France. Students were asked to produce short comic – like summaries of the key issues. Students really enjoy working with this application and as well as getting to grips with key issues of the time, they have fun […]

Year 7 – Halloween

Year 7 took a short break from spreadsheets on Monday in order to produce work on Halloween. Students used Comic Life to produce some very informative, colourful and lively posters which were just a little bit scary!

Pythagoras Tweeting?

Scratch Programming

Boys have started Scratch programming and have become engrossed and enthusiastic very quickly. Take a look at these photos; you can see intense concentration, absolute engagement and students dead keen to help each other. For me its quite blissful really, students are focussed, more often dead quiet and learning valuable skills.   Students have created some initial basic projects […]

MyFakeWall Project

We’ve recentlycompleted work on various aspects of Tudor life. In previous lessons we had studied different types of beggars and thieves of this time. We looked a little more deeply at the “King” of thieves – Nicholas Jennings and created fake Facebook profiles for him. Click on this link to access the information students had to use for this project. […]

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