Year 8 – Revolutionary France

Before our half term holiday, Year 8 History students have been working on 18th Century changes in France. Students were asked to produce short comic – like summaries of the key issues. Students really enjoy working with this application and as well as getting to grips with key issues of the time, they have fun […]

MyFakeWall Project

We’ve recentlycompleted work on various aspects of Tudor life. In previous lessons we had studied different types of beggars and thieves of this time. We looked a little more deeply at the “King” of thieves – Nicholas Jennings and created fake Facebook profiles for him. Click on this link to access the information students had to use for this project. […]

Animation: The Princes in the Tower

Year 8 recently completed work on the murder of Princes in the Tower and we spent time on looking at those who were possibly guilty of their murder. Students were asked to do the following in order to create a useful animation, looking at the role which Richard III played at this time : 1. […]

Tudor Feast Menus

At the end of last term we decided that as Year 8’s were completing their work on the Princes in the Tower  – and are about to begin a section on Henry VIII, (well known for his rather portly appearance due to his love of excess) we’d put together a menu for a Tudor Christmas […]

Year 8 History Newspapers

Year 8 have recently finished work on the French Revolution of 1789. The final events which we learnt about were the execution of Louis XVI and the reign of terror. After a short introduction as to what is expected of a newspaper front page, students used their knowledge of the events and created their own front pages […]

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